IELTS academy near me canadaComputer training for variety of Official and professional tasks:

Keyboarding – typing in computer – Training students to enhance their typing speed with 100 percent accuracy both in alphabetical and numerical keys.

Creating, editing, and formatting professional and business documents such as letters, emails, forms, memo, statements, tables, envelopes, doing mail-merge to send one mail to various parties, meeting agendas, meeting minutes and more in Microsoft Word.

Creating, editing, and formatting PowerPoint presentations to convey creative and visual message in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Creating, editing, formatting and preparing spreadsheets and analyzing data for various statements and reports using Excel charts and tables, and extracting various computer files, objects and data generated from other computer software in Microsoft Excel. Extracting data and creating various accounts and compiling reports from accounting software to Microsoft excel as required.

Creating, editing, formatting and generating various reports, forms and queries and extracting data from various other software in Microsoft Access.

Emailing, group emailing, creating contact list, separating various folders, setting up automatic replies, recalling and updating emails, setting up flags, categories and follow up emails, scheduling different meetings and appointments in outlook Calendars and more in Microsoft Outlook.

Creating, designing, formatting and expanding Websites in a variety of ways.

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